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8. Governance

Section 8 Governance

  • Accountability and responsibility of the Board of Directors, and list of Board members.
  • Public duty and transparency of the Advisory Committee, and list of Committee members.

8.1 Board of Directors

Encorp recognizes that its responsibilities as an Industry Product Stewardship (IPS) organization requires a governance model that places great emphasis on high standards of accountability and transparency.

Encorp’s nine-person Board of Directors is composed of nominees from five member industry groups plus two unrelated directors. From the members, two directors are appointed by the Canadian Beverage Association, representing the major soft drink bottlers. One each is appointed by the Canadian Bottled Water Association, the Juice Council of BC and the Beverage Alcohol Containers Management Council of BC. Two are appointed by the Retail Council of Canada, representing the major retail grocery stores. The two unrelated directors have no relationship to any part of the beverage industry.

8.2 Advisory Committee

Encorp carries a public duty and with it an obligation to maintain high standards of transparency and accountability.

Our Advisory Committee, which is independent of the Board, is comprised of representatives of our diverse stakeholder groups, including depots, major retailers, regional districts and local governments. The Advisory Committee has been established to provide an avenue for these external interests to be represented to the Board. The Committee reviews our strategic and operating plans and our financial and operating results, and can make recommendations to the Governance Committee and the Board.