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1. Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Encorp Pacific (Canada) is the not-for-profit stewardship agency appointed to fulfill the requirements of the Recycling Regulation, Schedule 1, Beverage Container Product Category (BC Reg. 449/2004). The Encorp Stewardship Plan covers all ready-to-drink beverage containers such as aluminum cans, plastic, glass, bi-metal, drink boxes, gable tops, bag-in-a-box, stand-up pouches as well as refillable bottles on behalf of appointed producers.

Encorp has been leading extended producer responsibility performance in Canada for 26 years and has diverted more than 21 billion beverage containers from the landfill.

2020 Recovery Rate

Regulated Requirement
Actual Recovery Rate

1.1 Program Performance Summary

  • Product sold and collected and recovery rate

    • Total Sales in units: 1,362,935,045
    • Total Product Collected in units: 1,038,180,271
    • Recovery Rate: 76.2% compared to 78.1% last year
    • Provincial Per Capita Recovery: 201.7 units
    • See regional breakdown in Section 6.3
  • Summary of deposits, refunds, revenues and expenses

    • Deposits collected: $144,731,701
    • Refunds issued: $109,062,260
    • Total revenue: $104,019,319
    • Total expenses: $103,142,937
    • See Financial Statements in Section 9.2

1.2 Comparison of Key Performance Targets