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9. Audited Statements

Section 9 Audited Statements

  • Independent auditor’s report and financial statements from Deloitte.
  • Independent Reasonable Assurance report for non-financial information.

9.1 Management’s Responsibility for Financial Reporting

May 5, 2021

The financial statements of Encorp Pacific (Canada) have been prepared by management in accordance with accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for profit organizations (“ASNPO”). Any financial information contained elsewhere in this report has been reviewed to ensure consistency with the financial statements.

Management is responsible for the integrity of the financial statements and has established systems of internal control to provide reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded, transactions are properly authorized and financial statements are prepared in a timely manner.

Encorp Pacific (Canada) maintains a system of internal accounting and administrative controls. They are designed to test the adequacy and consistency of internal controls, practices and procedures. Deloitte, the independent auditors appointed by the Board of Directors, has audited the financial statements of Encorp Pacific (Canada) in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing standards. The Auditors’ Report outlines the scope of this independent audit and expresses an opinion on the financial statements of Encorp Pacific (Canada).

Allen Langdon
President & CEO

Elena Zevakhina, CPA, CGA, MBA

9.2 Independent Auditor's Report & Financial Statements

IAR Page 1 IAR Page 2

Statement of Operations

IAR Page 3

Statement of Changes in Net Assets

IAR Page 4

Statement Of Financial Position

IAR Page 5

Statement Of Cash Flows

IAR Page 6

Notes To Financial Statements

IAR Page 7 IAR Page 8 IAR Page 9 IAR Page 10 IAR Page 11

9.3 Independent Reasonable Assurance Report

IRAR Page 1 IRAR Page 2 IRAR Page 3 IRAR Page 4 IRAR Page 5 IRAR Page 6 IRAR Page 7 IRAR Page 8

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